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16-Channel 12VDC Power supplies

These wall mount power supplies are UL listed and designed for permanent, wall-mount installation.  All output channels are individually fused and have status LEDs.

Regulated 12V Security Camera Power

This 16-channel DC power supply plugs into a standard  North American 110/120VAC wall outlet. It is designed for permanent installation. Maximum power (current) draw is 8 amps, measured as a sum of all 16 channels. A pot. is available so the user can fine-tune the output  voltage (in a range of 11-14VDC, typical).

Use this power supply for CCTV cameras, heaters, and other video accessories. This 12VDC power supply has 16 PTC proctected outputs and is designed for permanent installation. These regulated outputs are PTC protected with surge suppression. Power output fuses are rated @1 amp each channel. This unit will maintains your camera synchronization. It has a strong metal cabinet with knockouts, and can be secured with a barrel-style lock ( included). If you're looking for a wall mounted power supply box for your security camera system , look no further.

COR-PS16DC12 High Power Model

If your surveillance network draws a lot of current then consider model COR-PS16DC12, a high current version of The COR-PS16DC. The COR-PS16DC12 can supply up to 12 amps.

  • OutputVoltage:12VDC
  • 16 channels
  • 16 Regulated 12VDC outputs
  • Output Fuse:1 amp rated, 16 amps total
  • Each output individually fused
  • LED indicator
  • Requires 110/120VAC source
  • Max. current: 8 amps
  • Adjustment pot. on board for fine tuning voltage output.
  • Dimensions: 304mm x 100mm x 304mm (12" x 4" x 12")