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Biometric Fingerprint Scanner and Card Reader

Require a card and a fingerprint to get increased security and stop casual wandering from someone who picked up a lost card (or someone who stole a card).

The COR-ACC999 is an access control device that can be used in stand-alone mode or in a network. It uses optical technology to read fingerprints pressed on its scanning surface. A set of LEDs and a beeper give the user (and those nearby) visual and audible response for positive or negative identification.

Standing less than 6" tall, this product doesn't take up much space on the wall. It can hold up to 9000 fingerprints. Designed to respond fast, this card reader/biometric device won't slow people down (as long as they are authorized, that is).

  • Designed for indoor installation
  • Advanced HIGH SPEED response time
  • Log up to 32,000 events
  • Visual feedback (LED)
  • Audio feedback (acoustic transducer)
  • Controller inside / direct connect
  • Standalone or use with PC (software included)
  • Large fingerprint capacity
  • One RS-485 port supported for networking
  • Fingerprint database download/upload supported
  • Built-in watchdog
  • Alarm function available (tamper, force entrance, door open too long)
  • External reader port: suitable for all WG, ABA reader, 125K, 13.56M (Mifare) or 2.4G reader
  • Networking: RS-485, 9600, N, 8, 1
  • Anti-pass-back: yes
  • Card reading range: 8-15cm (3.15"-5.91")
  • Power: 10-24VDC, <5W
  • Temperature: -20° C - 75° C (-4° F - 167° F)