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Package of 25 Proximity Cards

This ISO standard proximity card is 1.8mm thick and can have printed material attached to the front. It is supplied with a pre-assigned unique code.

Proximity Card Technology

Proximity cards (or access cards) are hybrid technology that incorporate a simple electric circuit (proximity tag and coil) imbedded in a plastic card. No battery is needed and the circuit is not removable without destroying it and the card. When the card is correctly positioned with respect to a reader a high speed RF signal passes between card and reader and unique data is transferred.

  • Range: 10cm-15cm (3.94"-5.91")
  • Can bear printed material
  • ISO standard spec
  • 1.8mm thick
  • Each card has a unique pre-assigned code (8 digit number) printed on the back.
  • 25 pieces per pack

Please contact us for prices on bulk packages of these blank proximity cards, and for single unit prices.