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Battery Powered Portable Color Test Monitor

Installing CCTV cameras can be time consuming. The multi-stage process begins with selection and doesn't end until the customer is happy. Sometimes the final stage can be the most time consuming, especially if you have to work with a technician who's climbing up and down a ladder all day. The COR-LCD25 helps to put a stop to those multiple - and dangerous- trips up a ladder or scaffold.

Provide Power to Camera Too!

This portable test monitor provides a 12VDC built-in power output you can use to connect the the camera you are testing. This ease of use feature saves a ton of time, since you can set up a camera without concern for on-site power connections.

Works with Traditional Analog CCTV Video

A BNC connector on the top of this portable battery powered test monitor is easy to grab and connect your camera video output (traditional analog standard CCTV signals, PAL or NTSC).

This package contains all accessories, including an AC power adapter for recharging the internal battery pack (also included, of course).  A multi-colored power LED lets you know when recharging is necessary.

  • Color, back-lit 2.5" diagonal screen
  • Standard analog CCTV composite video input (BNC)
  • 640 x 480 resolution screen
  • Rechargeable battery pack included
  • Bi-color status indicators
  • Lightweight, under 6 oz.
  • Power adapter/recharger included.

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