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BNC to COAX Video Balun with Serial Data Filter

Security camera networks require lots of cables. When laying long runs of cables the installers usually have a choice between using CAT5 cable or coaxial cable. CAT5 cable is cheaper than coax cable, but has different electrical and physical characteristics. You can't just connect the wires - you'll lose signal strength and picture quality. A video balun corrects this problem by balancing impedance and other electrical characteristics, which minimizes signal loss and noise. We carry many different styles of video baluns.

This video balun has 4 channels, connects BNC to coaxial cable, and has a filtered serial data line.

  • Compact size, can be screwed down
  • Transmits color video signals up to 400 meters (437.4 yards) or b/w video up to 600 meters (656.2 yards)
  • Distances of up to 1 kilometer when used with active baluns
  • Built-in noise filter
  • Cost saving: Eliminate long runs of coaxial cable
  • Category 5 (CAT 5) wire recommended.
  • Please contact us for a specification sheet that covers this product.