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Exceptional prices on hybrid DVRs and NVRs with HDMI, 1080p Display

New Series of Thermal Imaging Surveillance Cameras!

State of the Art Proximity Card Readers, Access Controllers, and Supplies

Record Stunning Hi Res Images with SDI-over-Coax Megapixel Cameras


With showrooms in Tampa and Miami, Florida, and expanding West into Phoenix, Arizona, CCTV Outlet Corp. provides wholesale level pricing for security installation professionals throughout the United States and South America. And we don't stop there - we've got customers all over the world. Our Eclipse brand security cameras and DVRs, and access control equipment, can be found on every continent on the globe. Contact a sales representative today for current pricing (1-888-573-2333 ) or send us an email  to see what we can do for you!

Clear Shot CCTV Captures the Action! ECL-644

They're all over! Mounted on poles in parking lots, on walls of condominiums, under awnings in drive-thrus and ATM vestibules, illuminating the night and monitoring traffic and guests, these long-range, clear shot cameras are popping up everywhere.  They're a favorite of many installers and clients. And why not? Long range infrared, heavy duty all-metal case, adjustable varifocal lens, and sharp 700+ TV-line image, what's not to like? More ...

BES Tools - In Our Showrooms

Stop in our showrooms today and check out the BES Manufacturing tools on display. They are designed by an installer to make cable installer's lives easier. They are dependable, durable, they work great, and we've got them in our showroom today! See the display in our Tampa showroom here!

Introducing our Technical Team

Long overdue for recognition, our diverse and highly skilled technical team toils in near anonymity. We're changing that today. They do a great job, and more people should be made aware of who they are and what they do! So please take a moment to read our Technical Team Bio page.

Video Sensor Chart

Use this handy chart when you discuss topics concerning lens size, video sensor size, and related matters.

Gigabit Ethernet, 16 IP Channels, "Dream" NVR

The Nexxa Series of Network Video Recorders (NVRs) continues to punch holes in the competition. With gigabit LAN connectivity, astounding picture clarity at HD and D1 resolutions, the new Nexxa16 tosses the competition out the window. It's also a perfect hybrid DVR, with space for up to 8 analog/legacy technology CCTV cameras. Check out a sample of Nexxa NVRs in operation here: (admin/admin, use MS IE or Firefox). And we have it now!! See more about this astounding NVR here.

The NEW ECL-595 Bullet Security Camera

Outdoor bullet camera ECL-595 is getting an upgrade that will make it even more popular. The upgraded model include a state-of-the-art Second Generation Sony™ SUPER HAD color CCD video sensor and a DSP chipset that contains SWDR, 3D DNR and SENS UP slow shutter, among other things. Stay tuned for more information, or contact one of our sales representatives.

High Definition 1080p & 720p Dome IP Cameras

Users are demanding increased resolution and on-line and remote viewing flexibility, and we've got the products to make them happy. Check out the new high definition IP security cameras you'll find at your CCTV Outlet store:


720p resolution, Megapixel rated lens, IP Filtering


1-Megapixel sensor, 720p, H264, Micro SD card slot, IR


2-Megapixel sensor, 1080p, H264, Micro SD card slot, IR


Connect new SDI high definition cameras and traditional CCTV cameras to the same DVR! HDMI output, crystal clear 1080P video. Combine this DVR with our new hi def CCTV security camera (the ECL-553SHD) and watch the competition scurry to catch up.  Click here to find out more about the Rappix 1080P!

New! MAC Compatible CMS Software for Nubix RT and ORBIXMX is now here!

New CMS software available for our best selling surveillance DVRs. Contact a salesperson today for download details. It's free!

Apple/Mac Safari Viewer Download is Here!

The new firmware upgrade for your MAX-PLEX4/8/16 is here, it's free, and it let's you view your MAX-PLEX security DVR streaming video on the MAC/APPLE platform. Click here to be taken to the Safari streaming video DVR upgrade download page (note there are two downloads, one for 4/8 channel models and one for 16 channel models)!

Mini Catalog

Get our Mini Catalog now! Click here to download the full color PDF file (large file).

Click here for an on-line version of our latest catalog in streaming format. You'll need Flash 9 or greater. (Having problems viewing the file? Click here for help.) If your computer or browser doesn't want to play that file, you can download the catalog here (warning - it's a big file). And of course we have mini-catalog you can download here (it has our latest products).

Nubix HDX, Apple/Mac Compatible Streaming Video!

MAC compatible security DVRs are here with the new Nubix HD and HDX series! Now your clients who are Mac/Apple platform users can have the full streaming video capability from professional Nubix security DVRs that PC uers have enjoyed for years with no discomfort!  Check out our 8-channel model here!  Or, click here to look at our 16-channel model!

Part 1 of a series of technical articles explaining how to use our popular CMS software!

iPhone App for Eclipse Security DVRs

Confused by DNR, 2D-DNR and 3D-DNR? Maybe this helpful (and short) technical article will help you out.

iPhone App for Eclipse Security DVRs

SDI High Definition 1080p CCTV security cameras are here! Upgrade to hi def with existing coax - no need for IP, or new cable runs.  Read more here!

iPhone App for Eclipse Security DVRs

Now available!  "Eclipse CCTV" for iPhone/iPad. Click here to visit the iTunes store and download!

iPhone App for Eclipse Security DVRs

Now available!  Download this app to view your latest Nubix DVR online. Click here to visit the iTunes store and download!

iPhone App for Eclipse Security DVRs

View your Nubix HDX hybrid DVR from your iPhone using the new SSview iPhone App! Click here to visit the App store!

iPhone App for Eclipse Security DVRs

MAC compatible DVRs are here! View live streaming video on the Nubix HD/HDX series! Click here for more information!

iPhone App for Eclipse Security DVRs

The online catalog is a great way to browse our products. It's a big file, so be warned.

Click here for help.

iPhone App for Eclipse Security DVRs

Click here now to see our latest products. Want news about upcoming products, seminars and specials? Click here!

bleeding edge surveillance and security technology still in R and D

Click here now to see what the future can hold. Ultra smart tagging, invisible ID verification,  predicting behavior and more. Bleeding edge tech.

Google Android, Meet Eclipse!

This just in at the Android Market, a new app that lets you access the Meet Eclipse CCTV professional forum on your portable Android phone. Click here to get connected!

New Technical Support Article - Understanding IR Cameras

Your client or customer may have some misconceptions about infrared security cameras after digesting years of CSI and war movies. Give this article a look. It might help you prepare yourself for some questions or forestall a possibly embarrassing situation when your client thinks they understand IR cameras based upon what they've seen on their favorite television show. It may also help explain the lengths we've went to when designing and manufacturing our infrared surveillance camera products.

Security Cameras Catch Criminals - Right Here, Right NOW!

If there's any doubt about the efficacy of a home based surveillance system, you can put it to rest by referring to the following video footage. Criminal activity + video surveillance = better chance of apprehension & recovery.

In Arizona, The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office agrees. See what happened in Litchfield Park, Arizona (but it might as well by Anywhere, USA). Click here for the video and the report. Right here in Florida Bay News 9 reports a similar situation. Click here for the article and footage.

Technical Articles

Use these articles as a learning aid for installers, technical support employees, and end users. Educated users appreciate the features of our products and realize the value of quality design. When end users understand true value, they'll often request higher-end products and understand that higher cost brings valuable features. They will be happier with the end result.

DIY IP Camera Installation Notes for the Beginner - A very simple guide for do-it-yourselfers setting up their first security camera network.

Understanding Outdoor Security Camera IP and NEMA Ratings - Help understanding the international and domestic ratings used by IEC and NEMA to standardize protection afforded by cabinets and external enclosures used with electronic and mechanical products. Understanding environmental protection IP ratings is useful when selecting a security camera or an enclosure for a camera for outdoor use.

Remote Viewing DVR Connection Walk Through - Help with connecting your security DVR to your network, and viewing it from inside AND outside your facility.

 Click here to learn about slow shutter speed and DSS - De-mystify slow shutter technology for your clients.

Telling Good Quality Products from Bad - Help make sure your clients know what they are looking at - bad manufacturing leaves a trail. 

IP Megapixel Cameras - Implementation notes and some things customers may be thinking (incorrectly).

Keep an eye on this home page to see when the next article appears. Have an idea for an article? Send us some email and maybe it will be the subject of the next entry!

NEW! Calculate Drive Space, Calculate Field of View

We've added three helpful pages to make choosing your hard disk drive size easier (for MPEG4 and H264 security DVRs), and to help you determine how large an area you can monitor with a given lens (field of view). Please use the following links:

  1. Calculate HDD Size for MPEG4 Security DVRs
  2. Calculate HDD Size for H264 Security DVRs
  3. Calculate size of of field of view (horizontal and vertical, in FEET).

Want to see more of our technicians and able bodied personnel working - during the day, anyway? Our showrooms are in Florida and Arizona, with more planned soon to come in California, Texas and South America. Register with us to get the latest news on upcoming industry expositions and training seminars or call us toll free at 1-(888)-573-2333.

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