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Power System Hardware & Connectors

9-channel power splitter distributor ECL-PSD9

ECL-PSD9: 9-Channel Power Supply Breakout Box

Takes a single 12VDC input and breaks it into 9 individual outputs.

  • LED indicators
  • Fused outputs
  • 12VDC adapter not included.

dc power plug ECL-PLUG21

ECL-PLUG21: 2.1mm DC Power Connector

Power plug with bare wires. Insulated jacket.

  • Color coded wires
  • Plastic body
  • 2.1mm diameter

configurable polarity power plug connector ECL-CON21

ECL-CON21: 2.1mm Configurable Power Connectors

Plastic insulated right-angle power plug.

  • Polarity configurable
  • Bare wire terminal block connector
  • Bag of 100 pieces.
Link to 9-channel power splitter distributor ECL-PSD9 Link to dc power plug ECL-PLUG21 Link to configurable polarity power plug connector ECL-CON21

crimp connector ECL-CON18

ECL-CON18: In-Line Splice

Crimp splice connectors. Perfect for tests and emergency repairs.

  • Insulated 18-gauge
  • Easy to use
Link to emergency crimp connector ECL-CON18