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ECL-TLR1G: Voice Recorder, FM Receiver, 1G

This slim digital voice & telephone recorder/player has a back-lighted LCD panel and an FM radio receiver. It records voice, telephone conversations, or music at 6 selectable quality settings in MP3 format and easily connects to a PC for uploading/downloading recorded material. It can play WMA, MP3 or WAV files.


  • 1G memory
  • Uses one AAA battery (rechargeable battery available)
  • Built-in power saver function
  • Voice/FM/telephone recording modes
  • Select stereo or mono recording format
  • 6 quality settings allow record times of up to 283+ hours (depending on quality setting)
  • 5 folders for organizing media
  • Direct connect to PC, no need for USB cable
  • Acts as a portable flash drive, enabling you to carry files other than audio files
  • Voice operation recording (VOR)
  • Stereo microphone with 4 sensitivity settings
  • Multiple playback modes
  • Date and time stamp
  • Message lock function for protecting files from accidental deletion.
  • Optional wireless microphone provides long distance and remote recording up to 20 meters.