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ECL-B45PW: Video Balun with Power

This passive balun connects a BNC coax cable to 8-conductor twisted pair cable (RJ-45). It has an integrated power cord for connection to your camera (for use with Cat 5 cables that have data and active power*).

Note: Typical category 5 cable uses 24 AWG (American Wire Gauge) twisted pair copper wire and is designed to safely carry 12VDC power required for most surveillance cameras when configured properly using pins 4 and 5 of the standard jack (8P8C modular connector). Always be aware of safety considerations, wire routing considerations, environmental considerations and voltage drop after 100 meters when using powered Cat 5 cable.

  • Compact size
  • Transmits color video signals up to 400 meters (437.4 yards) or b/w video up to 600 meters (656.2 yards)
  • Distances of up to 1 kilometer when used with active baluns
  • Built-in noise filter
  • Cost saving when used to eliminate or shorten long runs of coaxial cable.
  • Category 5 (CAT 5) wire recommended
  • Integrated camera power cable
  • Instruction manual included
  • Use with ECL-B4HPW (4 port power hub) for powering CAT 5 cables.