ECL-TM3: Outdoor Dual Static Thermal Imaging CCTV Camera

The ECL-TM3 is a stable static night vision camera equipped with a micro bolometer thermal imaging camera along with super high resolution color camera. It is ideal for short and medium-range perimeter surveillance purposes and provides remarkable sharp and detailed images under the harshest weather conditions.

No need for an infrared array, inside this thermal camera or outside. It uses thermal energy generated at the atomic level to create a video image. Since it uses generated infrared light, not reflected infrared light, there are no visible red LEDs to mark the camera at night, or in the dark.

Double tap construction means two  video outputs. One high resolution color output can be used to identify people and things in normal light, and the thermal imaging output can be used for advanced perimeter detection. Images on the thermal camera are more noticeable at a much greater range (depending on the setting, of course) compared to standard CCTV with that use reflected IR technology, or day/night cameras that have low light sensitivity or use electronic slow-shutter techniques for low light environments.

  • Thermal Imaging System
    • Uncooled Micro Bolometer sensor
    • Lens: 7.5mm (optional lenses available, up to 35mm)
    • NETD of 50mK or more (F1.0)
    • Thermal camera resolution: 320x240 px
  • CCTV Imaging System
    • Sony 1/3" Super HAD CCD II color video sensor
    • 6-50mm manual varifocal lens
    • 52dB S/N ratio
    • 960H imaging system
    • CCTV resolution: 700 TV-lines or more
  • OSD management
  • Weatherproof (IP66 rated)
  • CE & FCC certified.

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