ECL-5HIM: High Resolution Dome Camera with IR, Varifocal Lens & Mechanical IR Filter

This infrared equipped dome camera has a varifocal lens coupled with a high resolution video sensor that work together to provide a crisp, sharp image at 540 TV lines. 

UPDATED - Replaced by ECL-5HIA. If you require a mechanical filter, use ECL-557HIM.

Along with its many other technological enhancements, the ECL-5HIM dome camera is equipped with a bright white deterrence LED that can be set to a flashing state (or turned off). This bright "strobe" makes the camera impossible to overlook, especially at night. It also doubles as a power indicator and can draw attention to your business or location at night. When would-be criminals realize a building or room has CCTV cameras, they are likely to look elsewhere for an easier target.

"IR mode" is automatic and turns on when the light level drops to a preset threshold. The infrared LEDs turn on and the camera switches to IR mode. This camera has two enhancements that protect video quality at this time - SMART LED control and a mechanical IR filter.


SMART LED control is built into the camera's video processing chipset. It detects the amount of infrared light on the subject and turns IR LEDS on/off as necessary to keep video quality high. To little or too much IR (washout) is never a problem with this camera.

Mechanical IR Filter

When a camera switches between normal mode and IR mode the wavelength of light reaching the camera optics changes. This wavelength alteration causes a phenomenon known as "focus shift" and manifests itself as a slightly out-of-focus image. By employing a mechanical IR filter focus shift is corrected.

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  • 1/3" color CCD video sensor
  • 480+ TV line resolution
  • Effective pixels:
    • NTSC: 768 x 494 (379k)
    • PAL: 752 x 582 (437k)
  • 3.6mm ground glass lens
  • Nextchip® image processing system
  • Easy to use OSD menu
  • Privacy masking (OSD)
  • Motion detection (OSD)
  • Day/Night operation (OSD)
  • Wide Dynamic Range (OSD)
  • Noise reduction (OSD)
  • White balance options (OSD)
  • High light compensation for masking sources of bright light (OSD)
  • 3D internal bracket allows mount on vertical, horizontal or oblique surface
  • Smoke tinted dome
  • Mounting kit included
  • Power: 12VDC with higher voltage tolerance
  • Multilingual: English, Chinese
  • Lightweight acrylic case construction
  • Small size (3.5" across)
  • PrePro at Reset and out-of-the-box
  • Colors: IVORY
  • For more information about the OSD and a full explanation of each setting, click here.

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