ECL-555N: Mini Indoor Dome CCTV Camera with Sony CCD

This indoor mini dome CCTV camera has a color Sony 1/4-inch CCD sensor and a 3.6mm wide angle lens. It measures only 2.9" across at the base and will fit just about anywhere. Aiming the camera is simple - remove the dome and manually adjust the position of the sensor/lens assembly along the vertical/horizontal axis until you reach whatever position you require.

Superior Video Processing

Along with the Sony video sensor this camera includes a matched Sony digital signal processing (DSP) chipset. This combination provides a cleaner and more stable signal than cameras that use "generic" chipsets. A cleaner signal means better visual performance (fewer artifacts on-screen) and smaller video files on your DVR since the DVR isn't forced to record the noise along with the usable portion of the video signal. Over a long period of time a clean signal can save you gigabytes in HDD space.

Compare Dome Cameras

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  • 1/4" Sony color CCD video sensor
  • Matched Sony digital signal processing chipset
  • 420-line resolution
  • Effective pixels:
    • NTSC: 512 x 492 (251k)
    • PAL: 512 x 582 (297k)
  • 3.6mm wide angle lens
  • Minimum illumination 0.03 LUX, f2.0
  • Auto electronic shutter (AES)
  • Auto-gain control (AGC)
  • Auto-white balance (AWB)
  • Power: 12VDC (100mA nominal)
  • Dimensions: 74mm (2.91") across at base x 54mm (2.13") height
  • Colors: BEIGE

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