ECL-MOBC2:  Outdoor Mobile Vehicle CCTV with Infrared (IR)

Perfect for cabs and busses and other vehicles that operate at night, this CCTV security camera has a metal bracket and sun visor to protect it from sun, and built-in IR (infrared) LEDs. An integrated lens separater - a stand feature in our cameras - prevents IR haze that can ruin video quality at night.

The mobile CCTV camera works with any industry standard mobile or vehicle-based DVR. It has a 1/4 inch lens and runs off the vehicle power supply.

This security camera is perfect for use with our vehicle-based battery powered DVRs like the ECL-MOB4.

  • 1/4" color, infrared sensitive CCD video sensor
  • 4.0mm lens
  • Integrated lens separater removes IR haze
  • 420-TV line resolution or more
  • 0.2 LUX minimum illumination
  • Slim, EZ-connector plug makes for smaller holes and easier installation
  • Vehicle Power: 5.5 - 14.5VDC
  • Metal bracket, sun visor

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  • interior cctv camera
  • passenger cctv for fleet vehicles
  • passenger cctv for fleet vehicles

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