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Nubix 8-Channel Security DVRs

Real Time Security DVR with 8-camera channels, 8-audio channels and more - Nubix 8RT

Nubix 8RT: 8-Channel Security DVR w/Real Time

Standalone security DVR with 8 video channels and 8 audio channels.

  • Real time video, all channels
  • Multi-channel playback with audio
  • H264 video compression
  • Panic mode recording
  • Up to 4 SATA storage devices

Nubix 8HD hybrid security dvr

Nubix 8HD: Hybrid 8-Channel Security DVR

Like the Nubix 8RT, the Nubix 8HD offers premium 8-camera recording and storage, but differs in that it can connect equally well to IP cameras and standard CCTV cameras.

  • CIF, half-D1 and D1 resolution recording
  • Real Time, 8-channels, CIF mode
  • IP megapixel camera compatible

Nubix 8HD hybrid security dvr

Nubix 8HDX: Real Time Hybrid 8-Channel DVR

Standalone security DVR designed for networks with IP security cameras and traditional analog CCTV cameras.

  • Real Time D1 recording on all channels at once
  • Selectable compression settings
  • IP megapixel camera compatible
Link to Real Time Security DVR with 8-camera channels, 8-audio channels and more - Nubix 8RT Link to 8-camera DVR with h264 compression and pre and post event recording Orbix 8MX Link to Savix DVR with advanced features and IP camera connectivity