RAPPIX 4: 4-Channel HD DVR for SDI Security Cameras Networks

4-Channel 1080P Security DVR

Set up a small security network with up to four SDI technology surveillance cameras and provide your clients with quality and clarity they'll not only love, they'll show off to others.

 and standard (traditional) CCTV camera inputs.

Add an SDI Camera

This DVR doesn't come with cameras. We suggest either an ECL-HD5V, ECL-HD7V, or the ECL-553SHD. These SDI security cameras are built around megapixel image capture front ends.  When your customers and clients see the video, they'll want more.

  • Standalone design using embedded LINUX OS
  • 4 channels for SDI cameras
  • H.264 compression
  • HDMI video output
  • Record modes: manual, motion, alarm, schedule
  • User defined motion detection area
  • Built-in web server allows remote viewing without buying special software
  • Multiplex operation: multi-camera playback, remote view, set-up, and back-up simultaneously
  • TCP/IP network interface remote viewing via client software and Internet Explorer (IE)
  • RS485 for PTZ devices
  • SDI cameras sold separately

Download a DVR Specification Sheet by clicking the link below.

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