VMS Solution

The VMS solution offered by Eclipse/CCTV is a powerful network video recorder supporting up to 64 channels of megapixel quality video. Featuring a virus free, installation free embedded design that is fully burn-in tested, our VMS eliminates compatibility issues while reducing maintenance overheads. In addition to this, our VMS also features Clustered Video Storage Technology (CVST), enabling seamless online storage expansion and configuration, while reducing maintenance, provisioning, and equipment costs, making it a reliable and cost effective solution for medium to large sized surveillance needs.

Highly Modular and Powerful

OUR VMS is a highly modular and powerful video and hardware management suite that incorporates server recording, management and video monitoring and playback functionality to serve the core purposes of a video surveillance system.

It operates in a client-server mode: the local client and local domain server run for standalone NEVER/VMS Server, while the remote client receives live video streams and event video playbacks for LAN or Internet. All administrative tasks are performed on the client. The client software provides the ability to monitoring and playback recorded videos from multiple cameras. And for users having multiple NVR/VMS Servers, the Central Management Software (its main functions are the same with the VMS) can be utilizes to manage over the domain infrastructure.

Scalable Client-Server Architecture

The System Architecture of VMS operates in scalable client-server architecture. This architecture can be divided into three types

  • (1) Standalone Server
  • (2) Standalone Server-Remote Client (web client/iphone client)
  • (3) Multiple Servers+CMS Client.

These are the hardware requirements for using PCs as Server or Client.

  • Digital zoom in, zoom out
  • Supports upto 64 channels
  • Supports live view, playback, eMap
  • Versatile views of various screen divisions
  • On Screen PTZ control
  • Intuitive, video thumbnail search results

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