SAN-DAS-STORAGE-SOLUTION: SAN/DAS Storage Solutions Optimized for SATA performance

SAN/DAS Storage Solutions Optimized for SATA performance

Powered by Infortrend's next-generation RAID engine and designed for users seeking the best performing SATA-based storage, the EonStor Series provides reliable and easy-to manage SAN/DAS solutions. Featuring robust availability, advanced technology and scalable to up to 112 drives – the EonStor Series empowers users with the best possible SATA solution.

Performance & Scalability

The EonStor was designed to provide high performance storage solutions for SATA drive users. With scalability up to 112 drives,the EonStor Series provides enough room to expand your storage capacity as necessary.

Robust Availability & Reliability

The EonStor Series is based on High Availability (HA) modular design. All redundant hardware modules, including controllers, power supplies, and cooling fans, are hotswappable to achieve high fault-tolerant capability. The EonStor Series also provides comprehensive RAID functions to protect data against drive failure. If one or two drive(s) fail(s), you can still enjoy continuous accessibility to the data of full integrity while the hot spare is used to restore the data volume back to its RAID-protected state. To better safeguard cached data, the EonStor arrays also come with new CacheSafe technology. In the event of an unscheduled power outage, the BBU will automatically supply power to write cached data into flash memory for permanent retention, which eliminates the common 72- hour battery power limitation that can cause data loss.

Easy Management

Through the feature-rich management suite, SANWatch, users can centrally manage multiple EonStor subsystems locally or remotely over the LAN/WAN. In the portal window, an overview of all subsystems is displayed to provide status summary and event info. With only a few clicks, you can easily access the functions necessary to configure, manage, and monitor the arrays. Besides providing all firmware features through a userfriendly GUI, SANWatch also supports script-based configuration of multiple subsystems at a time.

Green Technologiest

Aware of the important role green IT plays in environmental sustainability, Infortrend equips all its EonStor models with advanced power-saving designs. Coming with power supplies delivering high energy efficiency, dynamic cooling mechanism and intelligent multi-level drive spin-down technology; the EonStor achieves outstanding energy efficiency.

  • Complete SAN/DAS solutions with 8Gb/s FC, GbE iSCSI and 6Gb/s SAS host interface
  • High Availability modular design
  • Multiple hardware RAID levels to protect against drive failure
  • CacheSafe technology protects cached data during unscheduled power outages
  • Supports up to 112 drives through expansion enclosures
  • User-friendly SANWatch interface
  • Energy-efficient power supplies
  • Dynamic cooling mechanism
  • Intelligent multi-level drive spindown

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