NUBIX 8HD: MAC & PC Compatible Hybrid 8-Channel Security DVR w/3G & 4G Connectivity

Nubix HD series DVRs work equally well with high definition megapixel IP cameras and traditional analog CCTV cameras.  They make a perfect DVR for surveillance networks bridging the two technologies.

MAC Compatibility

It's no secret our DVRs have a cozy relationship with the PC platform. We're proud to add MAC operating system compatibility with our HD & HDX series. No longer will MAC users be stuck with inferior quality DVRs from other manufacturers.

Multilingual and Upgradeable OS

Spanish speakers in the house or business? Your client will enjoy the multilingual menus (available in Spanish, English, several Asian languages, Czech, Hebrew and more).

Let's face it - some things need to be upgraded from time to time and any operating system is no different. When an update is ready you can go to our free support site and download it any time. 

3G Capable - 4G Capable

iPhone users, PDA lovers, Droid fans, Blackberry buddies and Windows Mobile maniacs, now you have access to streaming security video with this Nubix product. Any camera. Any time. Any group of cameras. Connect, enter your password, and monitor your property. Watch your employees. Monitor your dog. Make sure your home is still there. On-the-go streaming video is a major selling point of our security DVR systems and we're only going to get better.

Other Members of the Nubix HD Series

You may have noticed a similar model we offer - the Nubix 8HDX. The HDX series has a 4-channel (Nubix 4HDX) and a 16-channel version too (Nubix 16HDX). The HD series is nearly identical, but they do differ.

The Nubix 8HDX series has advanced video processing power that allows it to record 8 channels simultaneously in real time (30fps) at D1 resolution. The market is security professionals and corporate networks.

The Nubix 8HD can record at real time in CIF resolution on all 8 channels at once. The market is residential and small businesses and less demanding installations.

CIF is a lower resolution standard than D1. To get D1 resolution on ALL cameras with ALL of them operating at 30fps, you pay a premium, so the HDX series are more expensive. The HDX series are designed for corporate and professional surveillance networks that demand higher performance. The HD series is for home owners and small businesses that do not require the extra processing power. How much power do your clients require? Often that decision is made be economics rather than logical need. If your client needs high processing power and has a high budget, then go with an HDX. For clients who want high performance and have a tighter budget, the HD series is likely perfect for them.

  • No PC required - standalone design features its own menus and configuration and HDD storage
  • Remote viewable on PC using MS Internet Explorer browser
  • Remote viewable on MAC using Safari browser
  • 3G/4G compatible - use iPhone, Droid, Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices
  • 8 video inputs (BNC connectors), 8 matching audio inputs (RCA connectors)
  • CIF, half-D1 and D1 recording
  • IP megapixel camera compatible
  • Audio compression: ADPCM, G.726
  • Compatible with H264, MPEG4 or MJPEG video streams
  • High definition CCTV compatible
  • Live picture refresh rate: 120 ips
  • Real Time CIF recording (320x240) all channels simultaneously
  • Data protection
  • Manual, motion, alarm, schedule record modes available
  • Linear or circular recording
  • User defined motion detection area
  • Multiplex operation
  • TCP/IP
  • RS485
  •  Pelco, Pelco D, Fastrax2, Panasonic
  • Export video: .DVR or .AVI
  • Click here for a full spec. sheet (PDF format).

Download a DVR Specification Sheet by clicking the link below.

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