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16 Channel Plug & Play NVR

Connect up to 16 IP cameras in any combination with no special licenses required- ?Hands Free? Plug-and-Play cameras on the 4 built-in PoE ports- Onvif or other supported IP cameras* (*See list of manufacturers/models)- Power cameras with up to 15W each (802.3af PoE) from a total of 50W built in PoE power.

Stream an aggregate bandwidth to the NVR of up to 20Mb/s from all connected cameras- Select camera resolutions up to 5MP- Set lower resolution/rate/image quality to meet application/installation requirements

Simple To Use

Easy to use on-screen menus include digital zoom and instant playback of recent video- Operate using front panel controls, wheel mouse or included IR remote

Optional Features

Optional arming schedule for action/notifications and alarms (e.g. ignore on-camera motion from specific cameras during normal business hours)

  • (Live and Record) Up to 120FPS total for 16 cameras
  • Recording Compression Depends on IP Camera; typically H.264 for main stream, MJPEG for sub-stream
  • Built in Web Server Interface
  • Backup/Restore Configuration
  • Nominal Local Playback Capability
  • Automatic Stream Selection
  • Built in network switch port speed
  • Motion Detection
  • Maximum FPS rate per camera 30FPS Main stream; 30FPS Sub-stream
  • Up to 2 SATA HDD; up to 4TB each for 8TB maximum
  • LAN/WAN Network Port