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16-Channel Security DVR with 3G Connectivity & HDMI

The PLEX16 is a sophisticated 16-channel security DVR priced for budget security systems. It uses advanced H264 video compression to record D1 quality images in Real Time on all channels.

Multiplex Operation

Record manually, at scheduled times, or during motion/alarm triggered events. Use your internet connected computer or 3G compatible mobile phone to monitor your DVR over the internet. Perform simultaneous operations like watch live video, record, and review video files.

Easy LAN Connection and Setup

The MAX-PLEX16 is easy to set up and program and makes a great addition to any network.  It uses a simple on-screen display menu for all functions. It uses TCP/IP, DHCP, DDNS and PPoE. All of these features and more make this DVR a welcome addition to any surveillance network.

Remote Operation with Compatible 3G Devices

Users with a 3G compatible mobile device can log into this security DVR wirelessly at any time for monitoring a camera or modifying a recording schedule or for any other reason. Compatible devices include iPhone, Windows Mobile, Nokia and Blackberry devices and iPad.

Cellphone Support

The MAX-PLEX16 supports 3G devices including iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile phones. Blackberry support is also standard in the MAX-PLEX16 series.

  • Camera Inputs: 16 channels
  • Audio Inputs: 4 channels
  • Video Outputs: 1 spot monitor, 1 composite (BNC), 1 VGA, 1 HDMI
  • Audio Outputs: 1 (mono)
  • Video compression: H264
  • Menu: On-Screen Display (OSD) for easy programming
  • Internal hard disk drive: SATA interface x2
  • Remote Operation Software: Licensed software AP, IE browser (Windows 2000, XP, Vista compatible)
  • Wireless Compatibility: 3G
  • Wireless Devices: iPhone, Google Android, Windows Mobile, iPad
  • Recording Modes: Manual / Timer / Motion / Sensor
  • USB mouse port for mouse or external USB device (external USB devices not included)
  • Infrared Remote Control included
  • RJ-45 style LAN connector
  • Power: 12VDC (power adapter included)
  • Manual included