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B.E.S. Products -

Fiber Fish, Wire Pythons, Flexible Drill Bits

CCTV CORE has a secret. We carry the full line of BES manufacturing products.

BES rack of tools in our Tampa CCTV core showroom

Fiber fish are non-conductive fiber-glass rods available in 3' and 6' lengths. These popular tools are a handy addition to any cable installers tool box. If 6' isn't long enough, attach another fiber fish puller to the end of it, using the threaded tip. A number of different tips are available,including fish hooks and magnetic attachments, to wrangle cable through any wall, ceiling, or confined space. Accessories include multi-packs, magnetic chains, flexible metal tips, and a carrying case.

In troublesome applications, use a glowing fiber fish, the Glowfish. Just like the standard fiberfish puller,  it comes in 3' and 6' lengths and has the same variety of tips and accessories, but gives the installer a visual cue in the dark, which can help overcome some obstacles.

Durabits are long drill bits on flexible shafts up to 72-inches long. These tools are great for cutting holes through wood and similar materials at a distance. Other lengths include 12", 24", 48", 36", and 54".  They also make Piranhabits, a smaller drill with 1/4", 1/2" and 3/8" diameter on the same type of long shaft.

For jobs that require are non-flexible shaft, BES provides Bellhanger Bits, great for cutting through metal.

If you install cable and network lines, and you're NOT FAMILIAR with BES tools, stop by one of our showrooms before your next job. You might find a tool or two that makes life easier for you and your employees.

If you interested in BES Tools, check our there website   BES rack of tools in our Tampa CCTV core showroom   by clicking on the photo to the left.