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MAX-IP280 Remote Viewing

Up-and-Running! MAX-IP280 Remote Viewing

This page explains how to view your MAX-IP280 camera from a remote location (a "remote location" defined as an internet access point that is not on the local area network containing your MAX-IP280 camera). If you just want to download the PDFs and files contained on the secondary disc, use the following links (right-click, save target as):

Remote Viewing Using a LinkSys Router as an Example

Start the "IP Camera Search" software.  See Figure 1.

2. Click SEARCH. 

3. See Figure 2. Note the PURPLE box. The WAN IP is the IP address of your camera as seen from outside your local area network (Wide Area Network IP).

The information in the GREEN box is the MAC address of your camera.

4. Click the MAC address shown in the GREEN box.

You will note the window changes and the IPCAM section on the right fills up with data. See Figure 3. (The area that displayed your WAN IP in step 3 now indicates the firmware version of the camera, which could be useful for troubleshooting.)

5. Note the contents of the two DNS settings in the RED boxes. These addresses (Domain Name Servers) must be the same or you will not be able to view your camera from an external location.

6. Note the HTTP Port (in the GREEN box in Figure 3).

The default port setting is 80. This port determines how your router will handle external requests. The router needs to know how to handle a request for streaming video from this camera, so the next step is to program your router.

7. Click ROUTER (the PURPLE box in Figure 3.)

The software will attempt to open your router's configuration screen. You may need password/username information. If you don't know this information contact your network administrator - you will not be able to follow this procedure without accessing your router.

Due to the large number of router manufacturers available, it's not feasible to discuss them all. Instead, we'll discuss a LinkSys router as an example - your buttons and features may be different on your router but the process will be the same. Refer to your router documentation if necessary. For more information and help, you can visit - a helpful site.

8. For a Linksys router you need to select the
Applications and Gaming Tab, then find the Port Range Forwarding Tab.

9. This router will request or have a space for the Application name. Enter any name you like - it doesn't matter, this is purely for your reference.

10. Enter the Port Range. In this case our HTTP port is 80 (seen in Figure 3, the GREEN box), so enter 80. If your router has a place for START and END, put 80 in both places.

11. Now enter the camera IP address (shown in the ORANGE box in Figure 3) in the TCP/UDP area.

12. Make sure to ENABLE the setting (usually a check box or button, it differs from router to router).

13. Save your settings.

Your MAX-IP280 now has its ports forwarded and is accessible remotely via your WAN IP. This means you can take the CMS software (Super IPCam CMS Client software), install it on a computer at home (for instance), and access your IP camera at any time (after entering the user name/password, of course).