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Sales | Tech Support | 830am - 530pm EST (888) 573-2333
Miami Florida Clearwater Florida Tampa Florida Phoenix Arizona
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CORE is a global leader in CCTV and security technologies. Established in 1998, CORE's success has been driven primarily by a strong focus on quality control and investment in research and development. Our dedication to these facets of product development has led CORE to incorporate an industry leading "Six Step QC" system unparalleled in security product distribution.

In a field that is continually evolving, our passion for security technology and R & D is clearly evident. CORE CCTV and security products offer a variety of unique features that provide optimal value while maximizing our clients ability to turn quotes into invoices. The result has allowed CORE to propel its customers to a higher level of competitiveness and proven profitability.

With our extensive; mature product range and up front pricing with no games or gimmicks, CORE enables clients to meet their needs regardless of budgetary concerns. Our brand is a promise and our commitment to you.

Contact one of our industry experts now and ask for a demonstration to discover a new world of clarity.

Full Catalog - Streaming Version & Downloadable

Click here for an on-line version of our latest catalog in streaming format.You'll need Flash 9 or greater. (Having problems viewing the file? Click here for help.) If your computer or browser doesn't want to play that file, you can download the cataloghere(warning - it's a big file).

Introducing our Technical Team

Long overdue for recognition, our diverse and highly skilled technical team toils in near anonymity. We're changing that today. They do a great job, and more people should be made aware of who they are and what they do! So please take a moment to read ourTechnical Team Bio page.


Our best selling SDI OUTDOOR IR TURRET DOME, the COR-HD88V is here! Designed with aesthetics in mind, the HD88V is produced for industrial applications where image adjusting is vital. The high power infrared system is crucial for capturing images on a pitch black night. .

new product offered by CCTVCO

SDI High Definition 1080p CCTV security cameras are here!
Upgrade to hi def with existing coax - no need for IP, or new cable runs Shop here!

new SDI security DVRs

SDI High Definition 1080p CCTV security DVR'sare here! Shop here!

iPhone App for Eclipse Security DVRs

Now available!
  "CORE CCTV" for iPhone/iPad. Click here to visit the iTunes store and download!

We've got three easy to find show rooms in Florida, and one in the great state of Arizona. If you can't make it to a show room click on any of the spanictures below to reach a handy contact form. It's easy to get a quote. Join our mailing list to get monthly specials, or order a catalog today! Register with us to get the latest news on upcoming industry expositions and training seminars. Need information right away? Need to talk to a sales representative? You can always call us toll free at 1-888-573-2333.


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