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Originally founded in 1957 as a haven for Americas retired population, the city of Cape Coral began as a master planned community with a pre-plotted layout. Infrastructure was installed and the marketing began in earnest. Celebrities of the time were hired to promote "the Cape" area, and a fleet of aircraft were dedicated to fly-overs to show off the (at the time) high-tech planning going into the city. In just a few years the important parts of the retiree community were complete - the yacht club and golf courses - and people started moving into the area. Over the years families moved into the area and turned it into a metropolitan population.

With any mixed population you will have mixed opportunities for economic advancement, and one choice for some has always been crime. The people of Cape Coral are glad to have our cameras and security systems installed in many area banks, restaurants, stores and condominiums.

Security Cameras Catch Criminals!

If there's any doubt about the efficacy of a home based surveillance system, you can put it to rest by referring to the following video footage. Criminal activity + video surveillance = home owner security and recovery. Unfortunately this is an equation that no one can ignore in our modern time.

In Arizona, The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office agrees. See what happened in Litchfield Park, Arizona (but it might as well by Anywhere, USA). Click here for the video and the report. Right here in Florida Bay News 9 reports a similar situation. Click here for the article and footage.

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