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Citizens of Clearwater, Florida know they are more secure thanks to installers using our security cameras and access control products. Don't be left in the cold. Our products give average people as well as business owners - from corner party stores to casinos - valuable on-line and remote surveillance.

Clearwater was originally part of Hillsborough County and was a prime target of raids by Union gunboats during the civil war due to the fact that most of the men in the city were moved north to fight for the Confederate army. Pirates liked making the city a target as well (more precisely Tampa, but Clearwater was an attractive layover), and their mark is celebrated every year during the various Gasparilla festivals (named after Jose Gaspar, Royal Spanish Navy lieutenant who went rogue for profit and called himself  "Gasparilla"). Gradually more people moved into the area, apparently in complete disregard for the ever present danger of attack from the sea, and the city's popularity as a vacation destination grew over the years. No doubt the citizens of early Clearwater would have appreciated good high resolution, long range security cameras trained on the horizon at all times, connected to what we now regard as common alert and alarm systems. However this would mean no Gasparilla Fesitval, which many modern citizens (and especially bar owners) would mourn as a terrible loss to local culture.

New Products, Live Demos & MAC Compatible Security DVRs

CCTV Outlet Corp. is constantly striving to find the best new technology to present to our customers in Florida and around the world. It takes a lot of testing and a lot of research. We're looking at new door phone systems for apartments and high rises and advanced indoor/outdoor IP cameras with high security features and vandal resistance. Don't miss our newest super-thin, ultra-wide screen doorbell camera monitor.  See all our newest products here.

The Nubix HD and HDX series offer MAC compatible streaming video as well as digital watchdog functions. You don't have to send your video stream to an intermediate website like some models offered by the competition - it comes straight from the DVR. No longer are MAC users denied access to a Nubix Professional quality DVRs.  Click here to visit our Mac compatible Nubix HD/HDX series!

Product Specifications

Click here for an complete list of product specifications.

Security Concerns? Contact Us Today!

Even though the danger of daily pirate attack is somewhat less in our modern times, any area can be a target of vandalism or mischief making, especially during street fests and block parties. Contact us today to find a reliable, professional security camera installer! You can always call us toll free at 1-888-573-2333. Please tell us you're in Clearwater!

We've got three easy to find show rooms in Florida, and one in the great state of Arizona. If you can't make it to a show room click on any of our stores below to reach a secure contact form. It's easy to get a quote. Join our mailing list to get monthly specials, or order a catalog today! Register with us to get the latest news on upcoming industry expositions and training seminars. Need information right away? Need to talk to a sales representative? You can always call us toll free at 1-(888)-573-2333.


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