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Robbed in Broad Daylight! Security Camera Footage From Litchfield, AZ


Robbed in broad daylight!

But a man accused of the burglary is sitting behind bars, thanks to a little help from the homeowner. "They stole my 3-D TV," homeowner Nick said. In Litchfield Park, Nick, who only wanted to be identified by his first name, came home and his TV was gone. Then he remembered something. "I told the sheriff and police, I said 'well, I have cameras and surveillance around my house,'" Nick said. The images came out clear. You can see the burglar checking the front door and then eventually loading up the $7,000 TV into his truck.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office says the video helped. They arrested a suspect, Christopher Ruport.

"If they do break in you actually get to catch them. You have the video evidence," said security expert Matt Terry. Terry, with Eclipse Security (Arizona Showroom, see below), says most times just having surveillance will be enough to stop a break in. "If somebody actually goes to a house and they see cameras pointing at them, red lights on, they're going to think twice about going in there," Terry said. Terry points out surveillance is about five times cheaper than it was just 5 years ago. "A surveillance system is less expensive than a year's worth, of let's say, health insurance or car insurance," he said.

It's a price Nick says he's glad he pays. "If I didn't have surveillance cameras this guy would have never been caught," Nick said.

Ruport faces three felony charges in the West Valley burglary.

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