Cost - IP vs Analog

IP cameras can be 3x more expensive than their analog equivalents. Additionally, there are per camera licensing
costs for connecting them to the NVR. In some instances, IP megapixel cameras can be more cost effective by tak-
ing the place of several analog cameras in a large open space where there are no “choke” points. Large installations require managed network switching equipment and peripherals, which can become very costly.

Analog cameras and peripheral equipment are significantly lower in price to their IP counterparts. Analog cameras require little to none in the way of peripheral and managed equipment, which reduce costs, especially in the enterprise. For most typical applications, when accounting for hardware, software and installation analog is a better value proposition.

Note: While cost of ownership is more expensive for IP cameras they do have their place and should
not solely be judged on price alone. Accordingly, it should not be a matter of IP vs. Analog. Utilization
of the proper combination of the two as required to accomplish the customer’s security objective at
the most favorable price in conjunction with ongoing maintenance should be the determining factor.

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