Orbix MX 16ch v1.5.0 09/11/2010


Please unzip file and load .pkg file onto USB to perform upgrade. 

New features

1.       Add PTZ Preset with Text-In.

2.       Possible to use number key with TBT Keyboard. (0 ~ 9)

3.       Add PTZ Protocol. (D-Max 5.0 II, Cynics)

4.       Add ARCHIVING.

5.       Menu -> Storage menu : Display the actual status of HDD.

- If there are more than one HDD, the sum of all HDD capacity is total capacity.

- Display the HDD capacity without 10GB for back up.

     ex) 80GB HDD, it is displayed about 69.97GB.

6.       Menu > Event  > System menu : Can set Recording Threshold.

- 50% ~ 100%.

    - It’s not working with ‘Overwrite On’

    - DVR keeps recording even the HDD status is more than pre-set threshold,

just notice 'Disk Full' as an event.

7.       Display HDD status at Remote Setup same as local site.

8.       Add menu for PELCO-D, P. (PRESET ID 95)

9.       iPhone 3G





Revised features

1.       Revise Text-In bug which is happened once text is coming with Line delimiter.

2.       Remove SSL/TLS in SMTP. (Auto setup)

3.       Make the end of sentence form CR+LF in e-mail notification.

4.       Add Comparability with QuickTimePlayer 7.6.6.

5.       Make ‘De interlacing’ default in playback mode.

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