Mobile app for home security foils burglary attempt in Tampa. Moises Faroy gets interviewed.

Home security is now going to the next level.
No longer do you have to be home to hear an alarm or rely on a call from a neighbor or your alarm company to find out if someone is trespassing. 

Thanks to mobile phone applications, you can monitor your own home when you're away.
A security camera mobile app was a big help for a family in Dallas, Texas.

Last week, they were in Connecticut when they received a text message on an iPhone along with surveillance video of two burglars breaking into their house.

CCTV Outlet manufactures and distributes security equipment to contractors in the Tampa Bay area.
Sales technicians at the store said the idea of remote viewing has been around for some time. Now it's just become more mainstream.

"What did happen before, you did have to have a computer or a laptop with you," said Moses Faroy from CCTV Outlet. "Nowadays with a phone you can connect directly to it."

With the advent of the smartphone, security systems are even more robust.
Security cam mobile apps can have additional functions such as recording straight to your iPhone, unlocking doors and controlling exterior lights.

It's become so popular, industry experts say the technology is key to making a sale.

"It needs to be there in order to sell the system," Faroy said. "If your equipment does not have 3G capability you will not be able to sell the equipment." 

The prices vary depending on the features.
Some companies are including the mobile app with the cost of monthly service.
Plus, it's not just limited to the iPhone.

"You can use it on the new platforms such as Droid," Faroy said. "You can use it on the Blackberry and the new Nokia phones." 

There's even simple surveillance cameras that can digitally stream directly to your mobile device.

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